If not here then where?

Want to start today without yesterday’s chaos, check in and ask, “Where am I – here or there?” Want to live today without yesterday’s anxious thoughts, check in and affirm:   In the multitude of my anxious thoughts, I am comforted.   My heart and mind open to new ways of seeing, feeling and doing what is […]

Define your leadership….

What does extraordinary leaders do that ordinary leaders do not? Extraordinary leaders: understand their power comes from within. embrace their power when others never dream, feel or imagine it. know this power helps them do what they never thought they could. acknowledge there are no limitations in what they can do except the limitations they […]

Promises, promises…..

Below are a few things to promise yourself everyday: Be compassionate and understanding.  You are not going to understand everything or everyone. Remain strong and filled with courage when faced with fearful events.   Everything has a beginning, middle and end. Smile often.  Smiling is a drug free mood changer. Find something or someone to be grateful for.  […]

Our words are telling……..

We draw to us what we speak about over and over again.    Listen to your words and hear your statements of truth – I am ______, I always ______, Everything is_______, Proverbs reminds us words can be used to build up ourselves and others or tear down.   They are likened to a honeycomb, sweet, beneficial, […]

What’s your story?

We are at choice.  We can travel through life as a hero, telling stories of courage, faith, hope and love or, travel as a victim, telling stories of defeat, impossibilities, anger and despair. Whatever situation we find ourselves in right now, however outrageous, choose to tell the story from a Victor’s not a  Victim’s point […]

What comes after your I AM?

If asked, “Who are you”, what would you say?  Aristotle writes knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. When we know the authentic self,  we live with an open heart.    When we live with an open heart we live from the inside out with love and no judgment.   When we choose to live from […]

We are the champions……

If you think champions are made at gyms, think again. Champions decide to be champions.   They believe and feel they can and they do.   Champions think and act from the heart not from the mind.  They speak championship, refuse to hear or speak words of doubt and fear. Champions are possibility thinkers and never give […]

In this moment….

It is crucial to our health to expect good and live harmonious with others. Studies prove living day after day stressed, angry and worried plays havoc on our well-being.   Recognizing the power and presence of God within allows stressed shoulders to drop, tense muscles to be released and peace filled harmony to return. When we […]

Intention sets the path……

Without intending an outcome for today, we continue looking at the disappointments of yesterday and miss the truth for our today.   Without intention, we focus on yesterday’s ouches and can’t leave the past behind. Intention is our GPS, our inner guiding light, a flame directing our thoughts, words and actions.   Today is your day, how […]

The door of opportunity

Consider the role curiosity plays in our lives.    It is the door of opportunity and exploration. Curiosity stretches our boundaries, releases our imagination and sets our minds free to step beyond our comfort zone.   Kennedy was curious and said…… “there are those that look at things the way they are and ask why….I […]