Be A Meaningful Specific

Four ways to become a meaningful specific: 1. Find a purpose.  Without one, we become double minded and influenced by others. 2. Have a focus.  Without one,  we are easily distracted and doubtful of our next steps. 3. Establish a direction.  Without one, how can we move forward. 4. Create a vision.  Without one,  how […]

Intentions, real or not?

Something to think about. We know we can be what we want to be.   We have set intention after intention and yet we are not where we want to be.   Why is that? It has been said the road to hell is paved with good intentions; meaning, we may have good, even great intentions but […]

Feeling stuck……

Feeling stuck, listen and see.   Language is a reflection of thoughts that we choose to put into motion – we think so we speak, we speak so we act. The answer to our stuck-ness is waking up, becoming aware and acknowledging we are stuck.   Awareness is turning off the auto-pilot button long enough to […]

Your Ideas Matter

Think about this,  everyone has ideas, but not everyone acts on them. How many ideas have you had and have now that needs to be acted on?    Then, think about this – the  ideas you have now, or the ones you had yesterday, could be the answer to someone’s challenge,  a solution to a […]

Ever wonder?

Ever wonder why we do the things we do?   Like why do we: put limits on ourselves believe we can’t doubt our abilities and stop trying look for everyone’s approval before taking action on an idea set impossible standards, then wonder why we fail remain in our comfort zone and question why we feel so stuck […]

Who’s voice will we choose?

There are many voices beckoning us to go this way, that way, come here, go there, but who’s voice are we listening to? If we listen to the voice of the world, we hear many calling us to side with division, greed, hate and anger.  If we listen to the still voice of Spirit within […]

Words = Revelation = Our Destiny

Never doubt the power your words have over your feelings, actions and ultimately your destiny. In the book, Words Can Change Your Brain, we read words like anger, hate, fear, etc., send alarming messages to the brain, partially shutting down our ability to reason and hard-wire us to worry.   Our words have power.  They can […]

How big is your stone?

Many live with a raging battle between their ears.  Their minds warring against feelings and feelings battling against actions.    They experience conflict upon conflict and yet sing  let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me without feeling or understanding.    How is this possible? The size of the stone thrown into […]