Five common desires

I have found the following five desires, deep within our core, are shared by everyone: We want to be loved – accepted with all our perfect imperfections We want to be heard – know that someone wants and cares enough to listen We want  peace – within ourselves and with others We want to be […]

The Highest Gifts

Three highest gifts we can give ourselves are: accept and love who we are understand we are doing the best we can appreciate our efforts Three highest gifts we can give others are: accept and love others as they are know they are doing the best they can appreciate their efforts

Where should you go?

In the movie, Alice in Wonderland, Alice asks the Cheshire Cat which way should she go and hears that depends on which way you want to go. Life is too short for us to place our ladder against a wall,  struggle to get to the top, and find out it’s not where we want to […]

How will you SHOW UP?

Will this year be your year?  The year you show up and: complete the sentence I AM __________ and mean it love you accepting your perfect imperfections let go of unnecessary obligations imposed by others live authentically from the inside out Brene Brown reminds us vulnerability is about showing up as your authentic self.   […]

Serenity is mine if……

We become a slave to our defenses and pay the price for wanting to be right. When we see our equality, we look at the past and recognize that there was no need to become defensive.  And as we do, we will find serenity as we stand secure and certain within ourselves. When we release the need […]

We get to choose YET, AGAIN

Today, we get to choose again. Think about that.   Will you choose to see another as a friend?  Will you choose to dwell on your imperfections and the imperfections of another?  Will you choose to open your heart and let you see the wounded child within? Today, you are at choice again.  May your choices […]

Denial or Truth

Denial is a self-defense mechanism many use to avoid accountability and rejection.   But, in doing so, are we denying our God-given gifts, our connections, sharing love, thoughts and ideas because we fear being rejected?   And, are we denying our happiness because we return to past experiences blaming others because we do not want to be […]

Can you?

If we can, would we? If we judged not, would we become the bridge over someones’ troubled water? If we embraced happiness, would we be happy? If we saw ourselves more than we are, would we become our vision? If we let go and forgive ourselves, would we say, ‘I Trust on Me’, and mean […]