It’s January, the beginning of a New Year, so what changed?   If you find the only thing that changed is your calendar,  then you decided to hold onto the old, not let go of _________and not create space for the new ________.

Living an extraordinary life is a decision.  If we are not living extraordinary, it’s because we have chosen to hold onto the ordinary one – the one that’s comfortable,  the one that no longer contributes to our growth or our healing.   Look around at what has been dragged into 2018.  Do you see unresolved situations still unresolved or feelings we refuse to explore?    Decide in this New Year, what would you like to change.  For without a change, a shift, a letting go,  nothing  happens.

Happy where you are, keep doing what you are doing, saying and thinking.  Not happy where you are let go of _________and create space for the new  _________.   And, so it will.

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