Dr. Chapman writes, people behave differently when their emotional love tanks are full.   But, how do we know the type of LOVE that fills our tanks?   It is unlikely that a restaurant, any restaurant, can fill your hunger needs without a specific food order.  And, meeting your hunger for LOVE is the same way.

We can easily identified our language of love explains Dr Chapman (The Five Love Languages), but find it challenging to execute.  Why?  We live in a world of instant gratification therefore, spending time tilling the soil for love would be simply out of the question.  However, for those interested or curious, the Five Languages of Love listed below will help better grasp, understand and accept your love language and the love language of others.

We begin by examining the list below asking which language resonates with my heart more,   

  1. Hearing Words of Love – I feel most loved when love and appreciation are verbally expressed.
  2. Spending Quality Time – I feel most loved when I receive focused attention. 
  3. Receiving Gifts – I feel most loved when I receive a demonstration of your love, cards, flowers, etc.
  4. Acts of Service – I feel most loved when help is offered around the house, with a project, etc.
  5. Physical Touch – I feel most loved when hugged,  holding hands, etc.

Perhaps it will be time to explore this concept, if and when you hear yourself say, “If you loved me you would…….” 


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