Dr. Bruce Lipton compares the subconscious mind to a computer hard drive processing, storing and labeling files all the time.    And, without taking time to examine the effects of our thoughts, it would be almost impossible to identify the files mislabeled because of clouded perceptions, fear of rejection, feelings of unworthiness, expectations being disappointed, etc.

Like your computer, your thought files need to be reviewed, relabeled or purged often.   It’s no wonder Proverbs reminds us to examine our mind above all else, because out it comes the issues of life.

If you are ready, but don’t know where to start,  the following 2 step process will help:

  1.  Examine your closet, identifying not only what items were purchased, but why they were purchased.  Impulsive buying fills a void we choose not to address at the moment.   What’s in your closet will be telling.
  2.  Promise yourself, whatever conflicts arise you will avoid looking for outward sources to blame.   Inner work is challenging and, more challenging is living an unexamined, unfulfilled life.

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