Complaining about life’s challenges will not eliminate them.   What complaining will do is make them bigger and louder.

Accepting challenges is not easy but it is doable.   If you are tired of hearing yourself complain about this or that, the following 3 step NLP practice will help redirect your stress and help you live more at ease.   Note:  we are not denying the challenge, but reframing how we think and see the challenge.

Ready?  Let’s begin,

  1.  See the challenge beyond your front door – out there.  The purpose of this first step avoids internalizing the situation.
  2.  Color the challenge dark gray and see it small.
  3.  Imagine the challenge as a pile of rocks or a pile of manure.  Hear yourself asking what can I do with this pile?  Perhaps build a wall with  the rocks or nourish a garden with the pile of manure.   Let your child’s imagination take over.

Rehearse this practice until you feel balanced in your mind and at ease in your heart.   Know, reframing thoughts changes appearances and when we change what we see, we change what we believe as an obstacle to a miracle.

Remember in life, there will always be storms AND, with every storm there is always, always the promise of a rainbow – if we look for one.

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