Who would we be without our stories?   What opportunities would unfold if we told a different story?

Our lives become the stories we tell and believe everyday.  If we listened, what would we hear?   Would we hear stories filled with drama, victimized or how we did, are and will overcome adversity?   Will our stories begin with yesterday’s labels, ill feelings and end with tomorrow’s uncertainties and fears?  Or, will they begin and end in the present moment, without a label?

It is said, everything we want is out there waiting for us.  The question is do we know what that everything is and looks like?   Would our stories look and sound different if they were told from the heart.   For the heart beats in the present moment and holds our true wants and desires.    So if you’re ready to know and share the true story, declare from the heart I AM _________________, and listen to what follows.

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