Life is a game, name your game and choose your place.

If it’s baseball, see yourself walking to home plate, you take a winner’s position.  You are ready for the pitcher’s first throw.   The pitcher throws the ball, you see yourself taking the swing, running  to first base, than second, third, you hear ‘it’s a home run.’  You feel exhilarated and your self-talk is nothing less than praise.

Rewind, what if you saw yourself uncomfortable walking to home plate?  What if your inner conversation was self-defeating and discouraging as you got to the ready for your first swing?  Do you think the results would be different?

Our thoughts control our actions.  What we think, we see and hear.  If we think we can’t we look and see we can’t.  If we think we can we look and see we can.      Decide how you want to show up.  Then, get to the ready and play your game.

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