Overwhelmed, pause, take a deep breathe and re-focus on,

Peace, it is our natural state of being.  Proverbs reminds us to keep tranquillity in our minds and hearts. When we are jealous and envious, we live oppressed and subject our bodies to dis-ease. Research proves negative thoughts send stress hormones to the body affecting bone, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive system and more. A joyful heart is good medicine for the soul, body and mind.

Hope, everyday we are given a gift to begin again. Everyday is another opportunity for scientists to find cures, businesses discovering needs for new jobs, politicians uncovering ways to live peacefully in the world and more.

The Human Touch,   as social beings there is a need for connection.   Research shows simply touching another person can make them feel safe and less anxious.  Hugs are those special touches.


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