Are we using our sensory acuity on purpose to help us remain grateful?

  • Do we  intentionally get up early to see a glorious sunrise or opt to stay in bed 15 minutes longer?
  • Do we take a moment to breathe in the fragrance of fresh-cut grass or complain about the work mowing the grass creates?
  • Are we listening to a bird sing, a baby laugh, the ocean waves or is the chatter in our minds so loud we can’t hear the wonders of the universe?
  • Do we take the time to taste and enjoy our meals or rush through them so we can get on to our next thing?
  • Are we savoring the moments we were touched by an angel or were we so busy we didn’t even notice?

Take nothing for granted.  Live grateful for everything and everyone for nothing lasts forever – coffee gets cold, babies grow up, things get old and people transition.   When we pause to notice our blessings, we find little things matter like the sound of our beating hearts or the taste of our morning coffee.   

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