Living in Agreement with your Higher Self still holds true today.

Agreement 1 – Be impeccable with your words, say only what you mean.    Words have power to create, destroy, empower, imprison or set us free.  Listen to your thoughts for out of the heart the mouth speaks.
Agreement 2 – Don’t take anything personally. Our perceptions become our realities even they are not true.    Check often asking is this true, really true or are my inflamed emotions blurring my vision.
Agreement 3 – Don’t make assumptions. Ask questions courageously and clarify, clarify, clarify.  Proverbs reminds us do not act hastily and avoid unwelcomed outcomes.
Agreement 4 – Always do your best. When we do our best, working with our present knowledge, we avoid feelings of regret, shame and blame.

(Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements)

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