Transitions and changes happen.   They are the expected and unexpected experiences that show up with the loss of a loved one, assigned a new role of caregiver,  employment downsizing,  relocation, career change, divorce, adoption and more.  

The question is if a transition happens will you be ready?    Will you have the coping strategies and life skills needed?   Will you be prepared to re-balance and land safely into a life you will call my new normal.   

Time waits for no one, and change is inevitable.  Take the next step, call now 561-372-8434 or email and explore the program that’s right for you.



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  • Reminded, Reminder

    Sometimes we need to be reminded and sometimes we need to be the reminder that:

    • what is focused on becomes bigger, brighter and louder
    • more than not we live much of our time on auto-pilot
    • forgiveness is key to inner peace
    • yesterday can never be repeated and tomorrow is promised to no one
    • there are 1440 minutes in a day and we get to choose how we spend our minutes

    Now we have been reminded, now become the reminder.