Everyday we are given a gift.  The gift to start over, the opportunity to change how we see, feel and experience life’s transitions.  Everyday we have a chance to dance and sing to a new song, write a new chapter and create new beginnings.

Transitions are inevitable. They are the experiences that show up with the loss of a loved one, assigned a new role of caregiver,  employment downsizing,  relocation, career change, divorce, adoption and more.   The question is will you be ready?    Will you have all the personal development strategies needed to help you land safely into a place now called your new normal?

Time waits for no one, and change is inevitable.   Take the next step to receive the guidance and support needed to understand and resolve inner conflicts caused by change.    Don’t wait until you find yourself stuck and frozen in time because of one more life changing event.   Reach out to schedule your time @561-372-8434, josette@nextstepnewstart.com and safely begin again.




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  • A strategy to remain calm………

    Want a strategy to remain calm throughout your day, CHECK IN.

    • Morning check in – what are you thinking?  Did you start the day with yesterday thoughts, future tasks or in the present setting an intention, grateful for a new day?
    • Mid morning check in – did you hear yourself barking at the cashier because the line was too long?   Ask, where am I?  Are you here, in the present moment, or in the future worrying about the next appointment?  Take a breath.
    • Mid afternoon check in – you at peace.  You feel yourself smiling back at those around you, attentive to your surrounding.
    • Evening check in – you are restless, thinking about all the things that need to be completed tomorrow. Take a breath,  pause,  process, pray.  Ask, where am I?  Remind yourself now is all you have and tomorrow is promised to no one.   Affirm, all things, work together for my good, even the things I don’t understand.  All is well with my soul.

    Want a strategy to remain calm throughout your day,  CHECK IN and notice where your thoughts are.




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