Everyday we are given a gift.  The gift to start over, the opportunity to change how we see, feel and experience the moment.  Everyday we have a chance to dance to a new song, write a new chapter and create a new beginning.

Like logs in a river piling up one by one blocking the water’s flow, unexpected life events happen, and we find ourselves in the middle of a transition.    Transition, like the river logs, can stop us from moving forward because of doubt and fear.  However, we can adjust and move on by developing compassionate life skills.

What’s in your toolbox of life skills?   Do you have the tools needed when expected or unexpected transitions come your way or, will life’s transitions cause you to remain static, stuck and unable to take a next step to begin again?

The time to build up your tool box of life skills is now.    Are you ready and willing to take the next step with an open heart and mind?



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