Everyday we are given a gift.  The gift to start over, the opportunity to change how we see, feel and experience life’s transitions.  Everyday we have a chance to move another log and create something new.

Transitions, like logs thrown in a river, happen.   They are expected and unexpected experiences that show up with the loss of a loved one, assigned a new role of caregiver,  employment downsizing,  relocation, career change, divorce, adoption and more.   The question is will we be ready?    Will we have all the personal development strategies, life skills and emotional balance needed to land safely into a new place of normal?

Time waits for no one, and change is inevitable.   Take the next step, be open to receive guidance and support to resolve inner conflicts and uncover what is and has been holding you back.   Don’t wait until you find yourself stuck in time because of another life changing event.   Reach out today and schedule your time @561-372-8434 or josette@nextstepnewstart.com.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life and an opportunity to choose again.



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  • Choosing your mindset

    We are at choice today.   Do we want to live in the quiet or chaotic mind?

    The quiet mind remains present, hears the still small voice of God’s calm and focuses on gratitude.   A quiet mind breaths deeply, smiles and relaxes the shoulders.

    The chaotic mind remains in the past.  It brings past experiences into the present allowing past hurts and disappointments to become emotional triggers.  The chaotic mind breaths shallow, frowns and tightens the shoulder.

    Now we are at choice.  Will you choose to live this moment in the quiet or chaotic mind?



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